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We purchased The Church 4 yrs ago with BIG plans and motivation. We have since fallen in love with Tasmania as a whole and don’t plan on going anywhere....HOWEVER...we have come to a fork in the road where we either go full steam ahead or....not!

Although Stage 1 has been hugely SUCCESSFUL (more than we ever thought possible) we have suddenly come to the realisation that our goals for our future have changed and we want to head in a different direction.

Garry has not really taken to the hospitality business and not enjoyed it as much as we thought.

This business could not only be huge but could also consume me and tie me down indefinitely.

We are both in our 50s and after major health issues in the past I’ve learnt life is too short.

I’ve thrown myself into my career previously at the expense of many other things and decided at this stage, I don’t want to do that again.

My 2 big kids (25 & 22) are living in Canberra & New Zealand with their partners and I’m not getting time to see them. Jack is just 9 and life is flying by.

We want to travel extensively, rather then be tied down to 3 businesses
Heart of Tasmania Mowing &
The Church. It has been exhausting!

Garry has already returned back to working full time with Heart of Tasmania Mowing, which he really enjoys and is totally booked out with set regular clients.

We have therefore decided to PUT The Church, Hall & property as a whole UP FOR SALE and not take anymore bookings or plan any more events.

We are happy with our decision & know it’s the right one for us personally and we have another plan....

Cheers, Nicole x ❤️

Meet the Owners

Garry and Nicole

"We drove past the Church whilst visiting here on holidays, fell in love with it and bought it. It was almost as simple as that.

We moved to Campbell Town in November 2014. We are originally from Sydney and the Mid North Coast of NSW. Both of us have lived in rural farming communities before and prefer a country lifestyle.

We absolutely love Tasmania and feel very at home here. The Church is an exciting project and glorious building which we look forward to bringing alive again, so everyone can enjoy it...and NO we are not religious, but appreciate the historical significance of this beautiful property".

- Nicole & Garry Graham

The Church Tas